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Jacob Cohen

Pony skin label, silver plated buttons and chain-stitched hem. All on the exclusive Japanese Kurabo denim. Jacob Cohen is a true representation of the Tailored Jeans concept, down to the smallest detail, and strictly made in Italy. The entire men and women collections offer a luxury slim-fitting denim. Its special washing is carried out at the brand owned laundry, where it undergoes a particular process free of any synthetic products.

This laundry process is fundamental. To be able to obtain unique jeans, with the capital J, the Kurabo denim undergoes different treatments and repeated rinses; brushed, pinched, pressed; after each working stage, the garment is delivered into the expert hands of skilled workers, who carry out its washing by using only the very tough Greek pumice stone. Each collection comprises more than 20 different types of denim, amongst which there is the rather exclusive selvage one, and 45 different washings distinguishable for its repeated hand processing stages.

Customer attention is in Jacob Cohen DNA, as its creator, Nicola Bardelle, states: “ I have created the ideal jeans, the ones I have always wanted to wear, comfortable, elegant and suited even for those who have little or no familiarity with denim”. In fact, each pair of jeans has an almost tailored look, instantly recognizable. The care and attention paid to the smallest detail is evident even from its presentation: the trousers, folded in a rectangular-shaped carton box, are enveloped in very fine Havana paper, you will also find a small cotton pouch holding a spool of thread of the same colour of the stitches, for any possible hems, and a pumice stone for any post-washing touch-ups. Real gems for the most demanding customer, a cloth for polishing the silver plated buttons and a silk pochette.

The collection boasts also a limited edition, specially created for those of us who want to wear unique garments, available only in a limited number, easily recognizable for its silver coated logo on the pony skin label, its exclusive selvage fabric and hand finishing